The origin

Marta, pharmacist and founder of Coll d'Ares Botanicals, left the city to create a farmhouse and medicinal plant project in the Pyrenees, but in 2019 she found herself in an unsustainable situation: she was extremely attractive to insects and very sensitive to their contact and bites. Nothing worked for her to calm the irritation, she tried all the products she could find but they were totally ineffective, she couldn't even sleep. Either she found a solution herself or she had to return to the city.

Marta put her botanicals aside and focused on the study of the bites, the formulation and the tests necessary to find a formula that was truly effective and found the solution she needed.

Upon seeing the surprising effectiveness of her product and seeing that the people around her were asking for bottle after bottle, Marta decided to take action: Coll d'Ares Botanicals and Black Calm were born to offer the solution to all the people who are also so attractive to insects. and sensitive to their bites or contact but they want to enjoy the outdoors and nature.