Environment and sustainability


Unlike the rest of the "post-sting" products on the market with the typical plastic pencil and roll-on, we have opted for glass and a metal cap. We only have the small dropper left (we're working on it) but yes: we will become "plastic-free". Can you help us?

Throughout the production process we also use glass and stainless steel containers.

Even in crops we avoid plastic such as weed control nets. There are hours and hours of extra work, of tests, of costs..., but we continue with the stubbornness and the will to do things well.

Efforts and costs that are worth it, because the environment and the future of our children are worth it.

Strictly Organic

Zero herbicides, zero insecticides, zero fertilizers, zero chemicals of any kind. Not even what is allowed by ecological certifications.

Strictly natural

Black Calm